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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas List

I have been good this year.

Im asking Santa for a bunch of cookbooks.

Found some great ones - Kitchen  looks to be Nigella's magnum opus so that has to be done. Apart from my love affair with Mary Berry's Baking Bible, the Domestic Goddess book is my favourite baking book (why dont they make lamenated cookbooks so that they splashes from the actual process of cooking can be wiped away? I lost the sticky gingerbread recipe due to the pages being stuck together with icing sugar..). it was also the first real book that got me into comfort food baking.

Martha Stewarts cupcake / cookie books look fantastic too. There is a fantastic idea to make a clock out of cupcakes for New Year. I wouldnt have thought of that in a million years, even though a cupcake tray is very convieniently (almost auspiciously) grouped into twelves... OK, so sometimes I not so smart.

Mary Berry's ultimate cake book - over 200 recipes for every kind of cake imaginable. It has to be gotten.

The Primrose Bakery cupcake book looks sweet (no pun intended) and its only a fiver in The Works.

And now we get to equipment. I am after a bannon (sp) for baking bread, and a linen baguette prover thingy. You know what I mean - you rest the baguettes before baking in this purpose built linen cloth moulding.

Found a biscotti tin in TK Maxx that was worth getting too. Gradiated sides. Professional. Obviously could be used for way more than just biscotti.

I am enjoying the barista machine I got for my birthday too. have cracked how to do caramel macchiatos and a bunch of lattes as well as the standard americano. Its one of those kitchen deelies that has saved a bunch of cash in the long run. As silly as it sounds, we dont go to our local Starbucks anywhere near as much as we did - because we have the syrups in and can make the coffee ourselves. Costco carries 'Bucks espresso beans and Makro carries the syrups. Get both in bulk and you are quids in.

Well I will wrap this up - thats all for now. If anyone knows of anything that should be on the list and  missing out, then let me know ;)


  1. I want some equipment for proving bread too. When I don't use a tin, loaves tend to rise into a 'long splat'! lol
    In the RC bread book Dan suggests wrapping it in floured linen. Apparently linen takes the moisture out of the surface so it doesn't stick.

    I know our coffee machine is at the shop, but it must have saved us a fortune too. We use the freshly ground beans for our caffetiere & we can have cappucinos almost every day! (particularly on sundays...stick the machine on to heat up, walk the dog, pick up coffees on the way home! haha)

  2. check out for all the artisan bread equipment. Honestly - could spend a fortune on this site.

    Coffee machines rock. After doing the loft out we have found another two - but not espresso-ey things, just filters. I like the espresso-ey ones ;)


  3. Your message is fun- luving & inspiring!!! Ur site rocks the Bakery Equipment!!!