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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Its been awhile...

But there you go. Time gets away from me, especially at the beginning of the year.

I am starting the cycle that begins with little seeds and ends up being lots of food today.

Been out into the garden on a wonderful, bright and warm afternoon and planted up the seeds for broccoli, celeriac, tomatoes, various lettuces, spring onions, leeks, sage and lemon coriander.

Its a start of what will go into our allotment. This year it looks like the allotment will be soley for me and my hubby rather than for us plus my Mam and her partner. So it will be a bunch more work, but it will be worth it. Lots of fresh, wonderful fruit and veggies that can be cooked and baked into some gorgeous things.

I love Spring.

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