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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Baking List

So much to do today, and Im not too sure I can be bothered to do it all.

I have a list in the kitchen of things that need making - just because. So far we have..

Blueberry muffins - Im not great with muffins. I cant seem to get that Starbucks-style massive top on them no matter how hard I try. The ones I do make tend to come out tasty, they just dont look right. Anyway, I also have frozen the blueberries from our two blueberry bushes as and when they have been ripening, so now have a bunch big enough to make a decent batch of muffins. I also have a glut of milk for some reason (I think it was because I made batches of ice cream last week and had leftovers) so that will come in handy too.

Quiche - its easy, its healthy and when you have four mad hens in your back garden who lay like there is no tomorrow, you end up with so many eggs that you give them away (we are SO popular with the Jehovahs Witnesses that come around door to door - not only do with treat them like human beings, but we keep them in free eggs, as much as they have tried to pay us. They end up leaving egg boxes along with copies of the Watchtower for us. Whatever floats the boat). And the toms from next doors plants are ripening, so they can be used too. Another giftie for giving away eggs - three large, and almost ripened tomato plants from Walter and Maureen next door. Not bad going. To think all we have had to do is put up with Miranda - the insane white chicken who went crazy, and now thinks she is a cockeral after hanging herself between two garden chairs.

Lemon cake - I have lemons in. Thats the only real reason. Maybe because the one I made for my daughters Naming Day last week I didnt get a sniff of let alone a bite. Im not complaining. Honest.

Biscuits - maybe gingersnaps because they are so all-purpose, works as a pudding with a dollop of lemon and ginger ice cream as much as dunking into tea.

Horseradish gifties - I dug up the horseradish plant that has been making a pitch for world domination as its ready for harvesting anyway, and half of it can go to the allotment for next years crop. I planted ONE thong. I dug up over THIRTY. One thong keeps a family of four in horseradish for a year. What the hell am I going to do with all this bloody horseradish? Horseradish mustard/mayo/creamed sauces as Christmas pressies. Thats what Im thinking.

What do you mean you dont like horseradish?

Sourdough - still ongoing. At least another day for the starter to establish.

I called our local college the other day to check out the food courses. The hubby and I can go and do our basic food hygiene for £45 a pop, and only one of us would need the licensing cert. This is for the future. When we open the cafe. Oh its SO gonna happen.

I also found an artisan baking school a couple of hours from here - next march they are running Italian baking on one day and French baking on the next. I might be having a trip away...

You know considering I was only going to write a quick list and then log off, this has turned into a mighty long post.

And the final thing - Im writing for posterity - I need to write down the thinking behind Tea Vs Coffee - the eternal struggle to find the Truth... (thanks to my friend Julia)...;)

Have a good day, folks


  1. Your ginger biscuits are fantastic; you need to post the recipe so that others who are not as fortunate as I can taste them too!

  2. Funny you should mention quiche... I enjoyed a nice slice of homemade leek & blue cheese tart for lunch today! :)
    Courtesy of the River Cottage book of course.. an old fave by now! lol

    Mmmm this blog is going to make me hungry...I can tell :)
    *back to my coffee* x

  3. Didnt get around to the lemon cake and the horseradish stuff...

    But I have quiche and muffin photo tutorials to post up soon!