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Monday, October 18, 2010


I have been getting things together over the last week for my new bakey projects - cake decoration. It started all innocent-like with getting swept up in the cupcake fever that seems to be taking over everyone. Everywhere you go you see specific tins, cases, decorating supplies and stands - all dedicated to cupcakes. I staved off the urge to go mad for these for a long time, but have eventually succombed to the idea.

Lucky for me, my Mam did a cake decoration and sugarcraft course at college around 13 years ago. She spent an absolute fortune on equipment for her new hobby, and after a couple of years, put down the pastry cutters and palette knife in favour of holistic therapies. I have nicked them. A great big workmans tool kit of goodies. There were even colourants and glitters in there - out of date, mind you, but there none-the-less.

So, I am armed with some equipment, now I need some inspiration. I am after the Martha Stewart cupcake book - I flicked through it in a hobby store the other day and there are some fantastic ideas in there. I need some practise too. I have only done rudimentary piping before, so no doubt will have icing stuck to my glasses before long.

Rock on.


  1. Fantastic! Let's get baking! I am 100% on board with this...

  2. I got a piping bag today....

    YOu didnt know about that...