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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

No Baking

I have been redecorating the house so had no chance to get into the kitchen properly.

I am missing it terribly!

Still there is a blueberry muffin recipe to put up soon (with lots of pics) and I am hankering after a lemon cake and some ginger biscuits. I can feel the whole gingerbread season coming upon us..


  1. Muffins... mmm...
    I have been having the urge to buy pretty cookie cutters to make biscuits. I saw some perfectly iced with little pictures on tv & decided I must be able to do that! haha

    Yes...baked some bread day before yesterday but nothing since. Funny how you start to miss it :)

  2. tk maxx again for cookie cutters - they have some gvreat ones, I even got my Nigella ones from there.